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Memory-guided saccades: what is memorized?

In order to find out whether extraretinal (oculomotor, internal) input suffices to provide the oculomotor system with the information necessary for saccadic control, two subjects were asked to make memory-guided saccades in complete darkness, after three different location acquisition conditions. These conditions were visually-guided saccades (SA), providing retinal (external) and extraretinal input, visual peripheral target presentation during central target fixation (FI) (external input only), and smooth pursuit (PU) (internal input only). Either 2 or 12 s (delay) after locating the target, the subjects had to make a memory-guided saccade toward it in complete darkness. The results show that whereas these memory-guided saccades were quite accurate for trials with preceding external input, this was not the case with acquisition through internal input alone. Moreover, the accuracy of memory-guided saccades decreased when the delay increased from 2 to 12 s for both conditions with retinal input, whereas the accuracy increased for the one condition without retinal input, i.e., the smooth pursuit location acquisition. Furthermore, when both retinal and oculomotor inputs were provided, better accuracy of the memory-guided saccades was observed than with single input.[1]


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