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Surgical treatment of presbyopia: scleral, corneal, and lenticular.

PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Having solved most of the problems concerning myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, it is perfectly understandable that the surgical treatment of presbyopia should be next on the agenda. It is a new challenge where every possible aspect is explored. RECENT FINDINGS: The past five years have been troubled by the debate over von Helmholtz theory on accommodation. Numerous investigations have been carried out on the primate and humans using various procedures. The more we learn about this mechanism, the nearer we will be to finding a solution to presbyopia. It appears essential to refer to recent works confirming von Helmholtz theory. Therefore, understanding presbyopia requires a great deal of optical ingenuity such as monovision, scleral modifications, which still remain controversial, or clear lens exchange or refilling. SUMMARY: In 2003, with all the different techniques available, the surgeon has a wide choice to offer patients that are satisfactory from a practical, theoretical, and ethical point of view. However, these techniques must only be proposed once the patients have been carefully informed.[1]


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