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Development of nerves expressing P2X3 receptors in the myenteric plexus of rat stomach.

Development of neurones and fibres expressing P2X3 receptors in the myenteric plexus of rat stomach and coexistence of the P2X3 receptor with calbindin, calretinin and NOS during postnatal development, were investigated with immunostaining methods. Extrinsic nerves expressing P2X3 receptors appeared as early as E12 and were localised in the trunk and branches of the vagus nerve, which extended rapidly onto the whole rat stomach from E12 to E14. Intrinsic neurone cell bodies with P2X3-immunoreactivity in the myenteric ganglia were first demonstrated postnatally at P1, and at P14, when the number of neurones expressing the P2X3 receptor peaked at 45%. P2X3 receptor-immunoreactivity decreased subsequently, and at P60 only about 11% were P2X3-immunoreactive. Intraganglionic laminar nerve endings and intramuscular arrays were first demonstrated postnatally at P1 and P7, respectively. In the early postnatal days, there were many growth cone-like structures with strong P2X3 immunostaining associated with these endings and arrays. Double-immunostaining showed that 9-15% of P2X3-immunoreactive neurones in the gastric myenteric plexus expressed calbindin D-28 k only in the early postnatal days, while 14-21% of neurones from P1 to P60 increasingly expressed calretinin. About 20% of neurones with P2X3 immunoreactivity coexpressed NOS throughout perinatal development.[1]


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