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Vagus Nerve

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Gene context of Vagus Nerve

  • Direct electrical stimulation of the peripheral vagus nerve in vivo during lethal endotoxaemia in rats inhibited TNF synthesis in liver, attenuated peak serum TNF amounts, and prevented the development of shock [34].
  • Accumulation of immunoreactivity proximal to a ligature showed that mGluR were transported peripherally in the vagus nerves [35].
  • Issues considered include, the effects of systemic injection of CCK on consummatory and operant feeding, the role of the vagus nerve, the effects of CCKB receptor antagonists, and the neuroendocrine responses to exogenous CCK [36].
  • The motor neurites expressing R-cadherin have a different course within the brain than the sensory neurites expressing N-cadherin, although they form the common sensory/motor roots of the vagus nerve at the surface of the brain [37].
  • In addition, our analyses establish Nurr1 as an early marker for the dorsal motor nucleus (DMN) of the vagus nerve [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vagus Nerve


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