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PI3K promotes voltage-dependent calcium channel trafficking to the plasma membrane.

Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase ( PI3K) has been shown to enhance native voltage-dependent calcium channel (Ca(v)) currents both in myocytes and in neurons; however, the mechanism(s) responsible for this regulation were not known. Here we show that PI3K promotes the translocation of GFP-tagged Ca(v) channels to the plasma membrane in both COS-7 cells and neurons. We show that the effect of PI3K is mediated by Akt/ PKB and specifically requires Ca(v)beta(2) subunits. The mutations S574A and S574E in Ca(v)beta(2a) prevented and mimicked, respectively, the effect of PI3K/Akt-PKB, indicating that phosphorylation of Ser574 on Ca(v)beta(2a) is necessary and sufficient to promote Ca(v) channel trafficking.[1]


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