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Possible short-term memory loss associated with nafarelin acetate.

OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN: A survey was conducted to determine the occurrence of short-term memory loss in patients using nafarelin acetate nasal spray. SETTING AND PATIENTS: A list of all patients receiving nafarelin acetate from our pharmacy over a four-month period was generated. We contacted and surveyed 16 women. INTERVENTIONS: Each patient was asked to repeat three words at the beginning of the survey and after a series of questions, each patient was asked to recall the three words. Patients were also asked if they believed that their memory was affected by nafarelin acetate nasal spray. RESULTS: Eleven patients (69 percent) recalled three words, 3 (19 percent) recalled two words, and 2 (13 percent) recalled one word at the conclusion of the survey. Nine of 16 patients (56 percent) reported some type of memory difficulty. CONCLUSIONS: Nafarelin acetate nasal spray may adversely affect short-term memory. This effect is not documented in current literature and further investigation is warranted in the possible relationship between gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists, estrogen deficiency, menopause, and short-term memory. Our survey also demonstrates the significance of communication between pharmacists and patients on newly marketed medications.[1]


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