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Ultra-smooth glass channels for bioassay with motor proteins.

Optically-flat glass channels were fabricated for the non-fluorescent observation of bio-molecules. Two bioassays of motor proteins were successfully performed, in which nanoscale beads and microtubules were clearly observed by a differential interference contrast (DIC) microscope and a dark-field microscope, respectively. The concentration of hydrofluoric acid (HF) was optimized to obtain an optically flat surface which was evaluated by AFM, SEM and dark-field microscopy. A glass channel was etched using a poly(dimethyl siloxane)(PDMS) microfluidic channel as a mask and sealed with a PDMS-coated coverslip. The channel volume of 2-3 microl realized the drastic reduction of proteins required per assay compared with a conventional flow cell method requiring 20 microl.[1]


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