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Population pharmacokinetics of pyrimethamine and sulfadoxine in children treated for congenital toxoplasmosis.

The population pharmacokinetics of pyrimethamine (PYR) and sulfadoxine (SDX) for a group of 32 children with congenital toxoplasmosis was investigated by nonparametric modeling analysis. A one-compartment model was used as the structural model, and individual pharmacokinetic parameters were estimated by Bayesian modeling. PYR (1.25 mg/kg of body weight) and SDX (25 mg/kg) were administered orally every 10 days for 1 year, with adjustment of the dose to body weight every 3 months. Drug concentrations were measured by high-performance liquid chromatography. A total of 101 measurements in serum were available for both drugs. Mean absorption rate constants, volumes of distribution, elimination rate constants, and half-lives were 0.915 h(-1), 4.379 liters/kg, 0.00839 h(-1), and 5.5 days for PYR and 1.659 h(-1), 0.392 liters/kg, 0.00526 h(-1), and 6.6 days for SDX, respectively. Wide interindividual variability was observed. The estimated minimum and maximum concentrations of PYR in serum differed 8- and 25-fold among patients, respectively, and those of SDX differed 4- and 5-fold, respectively. Increases in the concentration of PYR were observed for eight children, and increases in the SDX concentration were observed for seven children. Serum PYR-SDX concentrations are unpredictable even when the dose is standardized for body weight. The concentrations of the PYR-SDX combination that are most efficacious for children have not yet been established. A model such as ours, associated with long-term follow-up, is needed to study the correlation between exposure to these two drugs and clinical outcome in children.[1]


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