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Evaluation of an anaphylaxis training program for unlicensed assistive personnel.

This study evaluated a training program designed to prepare unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) in high school settings to recognize and respond effectively to an anaphylactic emergency. Subjects included 53 adults employed by a high school district in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. A training model was developed based on Bandura's theory of sources of self-efficacy. Knowledge and perceived self-efficacy of participants were measured before and after the training program to determine if a theory-based anaphylaxis recognition and epinephrine auto-injector training program would increase participants' knowledge and self-efficacy in responding to an anaphylactic emergency. Paired t tests revealed significant improvement in scores for both knowledge and perceived self-efficacy following the intervention (p < .001). This theory-based training program offers a valuable model for other school nurses in providing knowledge and skill training for unlicensed assistive personnel in other health emergencies.[1]


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