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Role of fos-AP-1 binding sequence (FAP) in the induction of c-fos expression by purified C-kinase and in c-fos down-regulation following serum induction.

Microinjection of purified calcium phospholipid-dependent protein kinase ( C-kinase) resulted in the rapid and transient induction of c-fos in quiescent rat embryo fibroblats. This C-kinase-induced expression of c-fos was prevented by in vivo competition using co-injection of oligonucleotides corresponding to the sequence of either the serum response element (SRE) or the fos AP-1 binding sequence (FAP) adjacent to SRE. This indicates that both these sequences must be involved in the binding/activation of protein factors required for the induction of c-fos by C-kinase. In contrast, the induction of c-fos by serum or by casein kinase II microinjection, which is also inhibited by injection of SRE oligonucleotides, is only delayed and then markedly prolonged by injecting TRE/FAP sequence, demonstrating that the FAP site plays a prominent role in vivo in the down-regulation of the endogenous c-fos gene expression.[1]


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