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Effects of benzyl ether type dendrons as hole-harvesting antennas, and shielding for the neutralization of stilbene core radical cations with chloride ion during two-photon ionization of stilbene dendrimers having stilbene core and benzyl ether type dendrons.

The two-photon ionization ( TPI) process (308 and 266 nm) of stilbene dendrimers having a stilbene core and benzyl ether type dendrons has been investigated in an acetonitrile and 1,2-dichloroethane mixture (3:1) in order to elucidate the dendrimer effects. The quantum yield of the formation of stilbene core radical cation during the 308-nm TPI was independent of the dendron generation of the dendrimers, whereas a generation dependence of the quantum yield of the radical cation was observed during the 266-nm TPI, where both the stilbene core and benzyl ether type dendron were ionized, suggesting that the subsequent hole transfer occurs from the dendron to the stilbene core, and that the dendron acts as a hole-harvesting antenna. The neutralization rate of the stilbene core radical cation with the chloride ion, generated from the dissociative electron capture by 1,2-dichloroethane, decreased with the increase in the dendrimer generation, suggesting that the dendron is an effective shield of the stilbene core radical cation against the chloride ion.[1]


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