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Chemical Compound Review

Dibenzylether     phenylmethoxymethylbenzene

Synonyms: Plasticator BA, Plastikator BA, DIBENZYL ETHER, ETHER,DIBENZYL, SureCN27380, ...
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Disease relevance of benzyloxymethylbenzene


High impact information on benzyloxymethylbenzene

  • Facially amphiphilic biaryl dendrimers are compared with the more classical benzyl ether amphiphilic dendrimers for molecular recognition, using protein binding as the probe [2].
  • The two-photon ionization (TPI) process (308 and 266 nm) of stilbene dendrimers having a stilbene core and benzyl ether type dendrons has been investigated in an acetonitrile and 1,2-dichloroethane mixture (3:1) in order to elucidate the dendrimer effects [3].
  • In the particular case of isomers 4-cyanobenzyl phenyl ether and 4-cyanophenyl benzyl ether, the difference in intrinsic barriers amounts to 5.5 kcal/mol, and this produces an energetic crossing where the thermodynamically more favorable process (homolytic) is the kinetically slower one [4].
  • The synthesis and evaluation of analogues of previously reported farnesyltransferase inhibitors, pyridyl benzyl ether 3 and pyridylbenzylamine 4, are described [5].
  • Further structure-activity studies have now established that for high NK1 affinity the benzyl ether side chain must be 3,5-disubstituted and highly lipophilic, the optimal side chain being the 3, 5-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzyl ether, 12 (hNK1 IC50 = 0.95 nM) [6].

Biological context of benzyloxymethylbenzene


Anatomical context of benzyloxymethylbenzene

  • An asymmetric synthesis of 16-HETE, an endogenous inhibitor of neutrophil activity, was achieved in six steps from R-(-)-glycidyl benzyl ether in 28% overall yield [11].

Associations of benzyloxymethylbenzene with other chemical compounds


Gene context of benzyloxymethylbenzene


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