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Enatiomeric analysis of simendan by CE with beta-CD as chiral selector compared with CMPA-HPLC.

The chiral separation of simendan enantiomers using capillary electrophoresis was studied with beta-cyclodextrin (beta-CD) as chiral selector. The influences of the concentration and pH of borate buffer solution, beta-CD concentration and methanol content in the background electrolyte were investigated. These factors were compared with those in an HPLC with beta-CD as chiral mobile phase additive (CMPA-HPLC). The quantification properties of the developed CE method were examined. A baseline separation of simendan enantiomers was achieved in the background electrolyte of 20 mmol/L borate buffer (pH 11.0) containing 12 mmol/L beta-CD-methanol (50:50 in volume ratio). The CE method is comparable with CMPA-HPLC in chiral resolution, although the optimal pH in CE (11.0) is much higher than that (6.0) in CMPA-HPLC. This chiral CE method is applicable to the quantitative ananlysis and enantiomeric excess value determination of L-simendan.[1]


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