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Autoimmunity against a tissue kallikrein in IQI/Jic Mice: a model for Sjogren's syndrome.

We have recently characterized IQI/Jic mice as a model for Sjogren's syndrome (SS), a chronic autoimmune disease in humans. In SS, local lymphocytic infiltrations into salivary and lacrimal glands frequently develop to the involvement of systemic exocrine and nonexocrine organs, and the mechanism for progression of this disease remains obscure. Herein, we report identification of an autoantigen shared by various target organs in IQI/Jic mice. Polypeptides identified based on immunorecognition by autoantibodies in sera from IQI/Jic mice affected with autoimmune disease (>12 weeks of age) were tissue kallikrein (Klk)-1 and -13 and were cross-reactive to the autoantibodies. Interestingly, Klk-13, but not Klk-1, caused a proliferative response of splenic T cells from IQI/Jic mice from the age of 4 weeks onward. In addition, remarkably enhanced expression of Klk-13 was observed in the salivary glands of the mice in accordance with the development of inflammatory lesions. These results indicate that Klk-13 acts as an autoantigen and may increase T cells responsive to organs commonly expressing Klk-13, playing a pivotal role in the etiology of progression of disease in IQI/Jic mice. Our findings provide insights into the contributions of autoantigens shared by multiple organs in the progress of SS from an organ-specific to a systemic disorder.[1]


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