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Autoimmune Diseases

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  • The pathogenic roles of B cells in autoimmune diseases occur through several mechanistic pathways that include autoantibodies, immune complexes, dendritic and T cell activation, cytokine synthesis, chemokine-mediated functions, and ectopic neolymphogenesis [11].
  • Disruption of the LT/TNF/LIGHT network alleviates inflammation in certain autoimmune disease models, but decreases resistance to selected pathogens [12].
  • IL-2 is necessary to destroy self-reactive lymphocytes and thus favors peripheral tolerance to self-antigens, whereas IL-15 favors the persistence of lymphocytes involved in the memory and effector responses to invading pathogens but risks the development of inflammatory autoimmune diseases [13].
  • Identifying Idd genes and defining their biologic functions should further our understanding of autoimmune disease pathogenesis and facilitate development of new treatments for diabetes [14].
  • Thus it may not be necessary to identify the target autoantigen to suppress an organ-specific autoimmune disease via oral tolerance; it is necessary only to administer orally a protein capable of inducing regulatory cells that secrete suppressive cytokines [15].

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