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Optimization and validation of a method of analysis for fenitrothion and its main metabolites in forestry air samples using sorbent tubes with thermal desorption cold trap injection and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

An analytical methodology using thermal-desorption cold trap (TCT) and GC-MS was developed for the determination of the insecticide fenitrothion and its main metabolites, 3-methyl-4-nitrophenol and fenitrooxon, in forestry atmospheres. The sampled atmosphere was pumped through a glass tube containing 100 mg of Tenax adsorbent at a flow rate of 50 ml min(-1). Adsorption/thermal desorption and breakthrough experiments were performed to test the ability to quantitatively trap the compounds. The detection limits of method for these compounds ranged between 1.6 and 2.1 ng m(-3). This methodology was developed to evaluate the persistence of fenitrothion in forest atmospheres after treatment. Spray application at 21.5 mg active ingredient m(-2) resulted in atmosphere levels of the insecticide of 78.3 ng m(-3) (after 2 h of application). Within 2-4 days following treatment, the presence of fenitrooxon fell to 50-55%. During this period residues of metabolites began to appear, disappearing 19 days later.[1]


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