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Abdominal cramp as an adverse effect of travoprost.

PURPOSE: To describe the adverse effect of abdominal cramp caused by travoprost ophthalmic solution in a glaucoma patient. DESIGN: Case report. METHODS: A 34-year-old woman reported abdominal cramp on topical application of travoprost ophthalmic solution. Satisfactory dechallenge and rechallenge procedures were performed. RESULTS: Abdominal cramp occurred approximately 30 minutes after topical application of travoprost on 3 consecutive days. No abdominal cramp developed after substitution of travoprost with latanoprost or normal saline (in the Travatan bottle). Abdominal cramps recurred on rechallenging with travoprost, either in the original Travatan bottle, a latanoprost bottle, or in a Rescula bottle. CONCLUSIONS: Flu-like symptoms (abdominal cramps, malaise and URI) were reported in 4% of patients participating in clinical trials of travoprost but seldom reported postmarketing. Based on the findings of dechallenge and rechallenge procedures, abdominal cramp should be considered a certain adverse effect of travoprost according to the WHO classification.[1]


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