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Solid-phase extraction of esculetin from the ash bark of Chinese traditional medicine by using molecularly imprinted polymers.

A molecularly imprinted polymer solid-phase extraction method is used to extract esculetin from the ash bark of Chinese traditional medicine. Ratio of ethanol and water as washing solution were investigated. Data of accumulative adsorption on molecularly imprinted polymers from the continuous loading experiment suggests that there are two different kinds of recognition sites in molecularly imprinted polymers. By selecting the washing and eluting solution a scheme was designed to separate esculetin and its analogues including esculin, coumarin, 7-methoxylcoumarin and daphnetin. Finally, by applying the revised scheme esculetin was extracted from the ash bark of Chinese traditional medicine that was purchased from two big drugstores, respectively, with both molecularly imprinted polymers and non-molecularly imprinted polymers.[1]


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