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Rearrangements of the telomeric region of mouse chromosome 11 in Pre-B ABL/ MYC cells revealed by mBANDing, spectral karyotyping, and fluorescence in-situ hybridization with a subtelomeric probe.

Previous work has demonstrated that chromosome 11 is trisomic or shows a duplicated region encompassing the E1/E2 band of chromosome 11 in 90% of v-abl/myc-induced plasmacytomas (Wiener et al. 1995). In the present report, we have studied BALB/c PreB lymphocytes that were immortalized by v-abl and stably transfected with a conditional MycER vector (Mai et al. 1999). These cells, termed PreB ABL/ MYC, showed changes in the E1/E2 bands of chromosome 11 that are similar to those reported previously for v-abl/myc-induced plasmacytomas. This was shown by the use of chromosome painting, SKY, FISH and mBAND. Our findings suggest that the Pre-B ABL/ MYC cells may be used to analyse the genetic changes affecting chromosome 11 that are associated with v-abl/myc-dependent tumorigenesis in mouse B cells.[1]


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