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Missense mutations in Na+:HCO3- cotransporter NBC1 show abnormal trafficking in polarized kidney cells: a basis of proximal renal tubular acidosis.

The kidney Na(+):HCO(3)(-) cotransporter NBC1 is located exclusively on the basolateral membrane of kidney proximal tubule cells and is responsible for the reabsorption of majority of filtered bicarbonate. Two well-described missense mutations in NBC1, R510H and S427L, are associated with renal tubular acidosis (RTA). However, the exact relationship between these mutations and NBC1 dysregulation remains largely unknown. To address this question, cDNAs for wild-type kidney NBC1 and its mutants R510H and S427L were generated, fused in frame with NH(2) terminally tagged GFP, and transiently expressed in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells. In parallel studies, oocytes were injected with the wild-type and mutant NBC1 cRNAs and studied for membrane expression and activity. In monolayer cells grown to polarity, the wild-type GFP-NBC1 was exclusively localized on the basolateral membrane domain. However, GFP-NBC1 mutant R510H was detected predominantly in the cytoplasm. GFP-NBC1 mutant S427L, on the other hand, was detected predominantly on the apical membrane with residual cytoplasmic retention and basolateral membrane labeling. In oocytes injected with the wild-type or mutant GFP-NBC1 cRNAs, Western blot analysis showed that wild-type NBC1 is predominantly localized in the membrane fraction, whereas NBC1-R510H mutant was predominantly expressed in the cytoplasm. NBC1-S427L mutant was mostly expressed in the membrane fraction. Functional analysis of NBC1 activity in oocytes by membrane potential recording demonstrated that compared with wild-type GFP-NBC1, the GFP-NBC1 mutants H510R and S427L exhibited significant reduction in activity. These findings suggest that the permanent isolated proximal RTA in patients with H510R or S427L mutation resulted from a combination of inactivation and mistargeting of kidney NBC1, with H510R mutant predominantly retained in the cytoplasm, whereas S427L mutant is mistargeted to the apical membrane.[1]


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