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Ovarian luteinized thecoma with sclerosing peritonitis in an adult woman treated with leuprolide and toremifene in complete remission at 5 years.

BACKGROUND: Luteinized thecoma of the ovary associated with sclerosing peritonitis is a rare pathologic condition without a standard strategy of treatment. CASE: We present the case of an ovarian luteinizing sclerosing thecoma in a 39-year-old woman. The patient underwent three laparotomic operations for subocclusive symptoms, revealing in both occasions the presence of sclerosing peritonitis, with large abdominal masses, including cysts containing clear fluid. Treatment with toremifene 20 mg/day and leuprolide resulted in a dramatic improvement of the performance status and complete remission of all the abdominal lesions. After 60 months follow-up, the patient is still disease-free. DISCUSSION: Antiestrogens plus LHRH agonists might be a noninvasive, effective and well-tolerated therapy for sclerosing peritonitis in patient operated for luteinized thecomas.[1]


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