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Chemical Compound Review

leuprolide     N-[1-[[1-[[1-[[1-[[1-[[1- [[5...

Synonyms: Enantone (TN), CID3911, NSC-377526, AC1L1GZK, AC1Q5OPO, ...
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Disease relevance of Leuprorelin

  • RESULTS: The 10 women with premenstrual syndrome who were given leuprolide had a significant decrease in symptoms as compared with base-line values and with values for the 10 women who were given placebo [1].
  • METHODS: In a 48-week, open-label study, we randomly assigned 47 men with advanced or recurrent prostate cancer and no bone metastases to receive either leuprolide alone or leuprolide and pamidronate (60 mg intravenously every 12 weeks) [2].
  • Leuprolide acetate therapy in luteinizing hormone--dependent Cushing's syndrome [3].
  • In a group of 25 premenopausal patients with progressive advanced breast cancer, daily sc administration of 1-10 mg Leuprolide [D-Leu6-Pro9GnRH ethylamide (NEt)] induced objective tumor regression in 44% with a median duration of 9 months [4].
  • The patient's nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and early satiety resolved after a short course of treatment with leuprolide acetate but returned after medication was discontinued [5].

Psychiatry related information on Leuprorelin

  • In response to treatment with leuprolide acetate, the threshold measured in wakefulness decreased during carbon dioxide rebreathing in the presence of low (41.05 +/- 0.77 versus 39.40 +/- 0.83 Torr; P = 0.01) and high (46.32 +/- 0.56 versus 44.78 +/- 0.83 Torr; P = 0.01) oxygen levels [6].
  • No published studies have examined women with major depression to determine whether leuprolide will exacerbate or improve depressive symptoms [7].
  • The newly developed leuprorelin acetate 3M depot, as a refinement of the established 1M depot, offers an opportunity to improve patient compliance and provides individualized and optimized, patient-orientated treatment by reducing the number of injections to four per year [8].
  • Leuprolide acetate for exhibitionism in Huntington's disease [9].
  • OBJECTIVE: To propose a protocol for minimizing medical complications associated with the use of cyproterone, medroxyprogesterone, and depot leuprolide to treat paraphilia [10].

High impact information on Leuprorelin


Chemical compound and disease context of Leuprorelin


Biological context of Leuprorelin

  • RESULTS: Mean (+/- standard error) bone mineral density of the posterior-anterior lumbar spine decreased by 2.5% +/- 0.5% in the leuprolide group and increased by 2.5 +/- 0.5 in the bicalutamide group from baseline to 12 months (P <.001) [17].
  • We conclude that leuprolide administered to women with PCO decreases gonadal steroid production and is capable of preventing premature luteinization during hMG induction of ovulation [20].
  • Among post-menarcheal PP girls (n = 69), shorter CAG number (biallelic mean </=20) was associated with higher 17-hydroxy-progesterone levels post leuprolide (P = 0.009), indicative of ovarian hyperandrogenism, higher testosterone levels (P = 0.02), acne (P = 0.03) and hirsutism scores (P = 0.01), and more menstrual cycle irregularities (P = 0.04) [21].
  • Specific growth factors or intrafollicular hormones may contribute to this leuprolide acetate-induced difference in cell cycle kinetics [22].
  • The mean (+/-SD) numbers of oocytes retrieved were 9.8 +/- 5.4, 8.7 +/- 4.5, and 8.3 +/- 3.3; the percentages of metaphase II oocytes were 72%, 85%, and 86%; and fertilization rates were 61%, 62%, and 56% in the triptorelin, leuprorelin, and hCG group, respectively (P = NS for all three comparisons) [23].

Anatomical context of Leuprorelin

  • Preoperative leuprorelin acetate therapy increased levels of Egr-1 mRNA in normal myometrium only [24].
  • We have previously shown that the proliferative index (PI), as determined by flow cytometry of luteinized granulosa cells obtained at oocyte retrieval, is greater in ovulation induction regimens which include the GnRH analog (GnRH-a) leuprolide acetate than those using human menopausal gonadotropin (hMG) only [22].
  • Inhibition of in situ expression of aromatase P450 in leiomyoma of the uterus by leuprorelin acetate [25].
  • To this end, we implemented a novel clinical investigative paradigm consisting of preadministration of an LH-down-regulating dose (3.75 mg) of leuprolide acetate followed, 3-4 wk later, by controlled challenge of the testis, with pulsatile iv infusions of saline vs. recombinant human (rh) LH [26].
  • Furthermore, in a dose-dependent manner, GnRH agonist (leuprolide acetate) inhibited, but GnRH antagonist [D-pGlu1,D-Phe2,D-Trp3.6] (GnRH-Ant1) stimulated, the rate of [3H]thymidine incorporation into myometrial smooth muscle cells (P < 0.05), whereas GnRH-Ant2 (Ac-D-P-Cl-Phe1.2,D-Trp3,D-Arg6,D-Ala10) had no effect [27].

Associations of Leuprorelin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Leuprorelin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Leuprorelin


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