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The occurrence of interglobular dentin in incisors of hypophosphatemic mice fed a high-calcium and high-phosphate diet.

The incisor dentin of hypophosphatemic ( Hyp) mice was examined histopathologically to determine whether the multiple occurrences of interglobular dentin would be influenced by the serum phosphate level. Both normal and Hyp mice (12 weeks of age) were divided into two groups. The mice in one group were given a control diet (1.42% Ca, 1.16% P) and the other a high-calcium and high-phosphate diet (2.00% Ca, 3.00% P) for 30 days. Blood was collected from the mice every fifth day for measurement of the calcium and phosphate concentrations in serum. Both ground and decalcified cross-sections were prepared from incisors from the mandible and maxilla for microscopic examination. The levels of serum Ca and P were almost constant in normal mice, regardless of diet. On the other hand, serum P levels in Hyp mice fed the control diet were significantly lower than those in normal mice. The ten days' feeding of the high-Ca/-P diet significantly elevated the serum P level in Hyp mice, and it reached a level similar to that of the normal mice. However, histopathological examination showed no significant changes in incisor dentin of Hyp mice fed the high-Ca/-P diet, and interglobular dentin still occurred. These results suggest that the multiple formations of interglobular dentin, which is the most outstanding feature of X-linked hypophosphatemic vitamin-D-resistant rickets, are not influenced in Hyp mice by the short-time normalization of the serum phosphate level.[1]


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