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Assessing adolescent personality pathology.

BACKGROUND: Personality pathology constitutes a major form of psychopathology in adolescents. AIMS: To examine the reliability and validity of a Q-sort instrument for assessing adolescent personality pathology designed for clinically experienced informants. METHOD: A sample of 294 randomly selected psychiatrists and psychologists each provided data on a current patient, aged 14-18 years. Clinicians completed several measures, including the Shedler-Westen Assessment Procedure for Adolescents (SWAP-200-A). RESULTS: Factor analysis identified II dimensions of adolescent personality: psychopathology/malignant narcissism, dysphoria/inhibition, psychological health, histrionic sexualisation, schizotypy, sexual conflict, emotional dysregulation, anxious obsessionality, peer rejection, delinquent behaviour and attentional dysregulation. These correlated in predicted ways with a range of criterion variables, including measures of adaptive functioning, Axis II pathology, the Five Factor Model and the Child Behavior Checklist. CONCLUSIONS: The SWAP-200-A shows promise as an instrument for assessing personality pathology in adolescents. Trait dimensions such as delinquent behaviour and emotional dysregulation may prove useful additions to a classification of personality.[1]


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