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High efficiency electrochemical immuno sensors using 3D comb electrodes.

To realize highly sensitive electrochemical immunoassays, a micro-fabricated three-dimensional (3D) electrode was fabricated and applied to enzyme immuno assay based on production of a redox species. The dimensions of the electrodes are 10 microm in width and 30 microm in height, with 20 microm spacing in between, and the 30 pairs of anode and cathode electrodes made up a single sensor. This structure lead to enhancement of the electrochemical reaction, nearly 100% of trap ratio of redox species. It can be applied to highly sensitive enzyme immuno sensing based on p-aminophenylphosphate ( PAPP). Applicability of this technique to the immuno assay for one of the clinical diagnostic marker proteins (alpha-fetoprotein; AFP) from 6 to 500 ng/mL was demonstrated.[1]


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