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Changes in the intraaneurysmal pressure due to HydroCoil embolization.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to measure the changes in the intraaneurysmal fluid pressure and parent vessel flow characteristics resulting from packing the aneurysmal sac with hydrogel-coated coils. METHODS: Platinum coils coated with an expansible hydrogel were used to embolize a silicone model of the basilar tip aneurysm. The intraaneurysmal fluid pressure was measured with a NeuroCare Camino Pressure Micro-Probe at various packing ratios. A programmable pulsatile pump was used to input a physiologically relevant pulsatile flow in the parent artery. RESULTS: The intraaneurysmal fluid pressure did not increase when packing the aneurysm with hydrogel-coated platinum coils, even with a coil density up to 93%. CONCLUSION: Packing the aneurysm with hydrogel-coated coils at a density up to 93% did not increase the intraaneurysmal fluid pressure.[1]


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