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Effects of eltoprazine hydrochloride on reactivity to conspecific or novel odors and activity.

Treatment with eltoprazine (DU 28853) increased the number of entries by male mice into compartments containing the odors of male and female conspecifics. This effect was most pronounced when odors were provided by previously defeated males. In contrast, the drug had no effect upon responsiveness to the odors of cinnamon and chocolate. The results suggest that eltoprazine may selectively increase reactivity to conspecific odors and that this effect is further enhanced by agonistic experience. Eltoprazine also substantially increased activity levels in all experiments. Since hyperactivity occurred both in the presence and absence of conspecific odors, however, the drug's effects on activity and olfaction seem to be largely independent. The results suggest that the aggression-modulating effects of eltoprazine, as well as other drugs, may be mediated in part by their effects on normal olfactory function.[1]


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