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SRN1, a yeast gene involved in RNA processing, is identical to HEX2/ REG1, a negative regulator in glucose repression.

The yeast RNA1 gene encodes a cytosolic protein that affects pre-tRNA splicing, pre-rRNA processing, the production of mRNA, and the export of RNA from the nucleus to the cytosol. In an attempt to understand how the RNA1 protein affects such a diverse set of processes, we sought second-site suppressors of a mutation, rna1-1, of the RNA1 locus. Mutations in a single complementation group were obtained. These lesions proved to be in the same gene, SRN1, identified previously in a search for second-site suppressors of mutations that affect the removal of intervening sequences from pre-mRNAs. The SRN1 gene was mapped, cloned, and sequenced. DNA sequence analysis and the phenotype of disruption mutations showed that, surprisingly, SRN1 is identical to HEX2/ REG1, a gene that negatively regulates glucose-repressible genes. Interestingly, SRN1 is not a negative regulator of RNA1 at the transcriptional, translational, or protein stability level. However, SRN1 does regulate the level of two newly discovered antigens, p43 and p70, one of which is not glucose repressible. These studies for the first time link RNA processing and carbon catabolite repression.[1]


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