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Initiation factor modifications in the preapoptotic phase.

Recent studies have identified several mechanistic links between the regulation of translation and the process of apoptosis. Rates of protein synthesis are controlled by a wide range of agents that induce cell death, and in many instances, the changes that occur to the translational machinery precede overt apoptosis and loss of cell viability. The two principal ways in which factors required for translational activity are modified prior to and during apoptosis involve (i) changes in protein phosphorylation and (ii) specific proteolytic cleavages. In this review, we summarise the principal targets for such regulation, with particular emphasis on polypeptide chain initiation factors eIF2 and eIF4G and the eIF4E-binding proteins. We indicate how the functions of these factors and of other proteins with which they interact may be altered as a result of activation of apoptosis and we discuss the potential significance of such changes for translational control and cell growth regulation.[1]


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