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Demodectic mange in fattening pigs in São Paulo, Brazil.

An investigation was conducted of mange in five Large White adult sows refractory to pyrethroid treatment (cypermethrin 15%). The most important clinical signs consisted of erythema, hyperkeratosis, alopecic macules, micaceous scaling, follicular pluging, and numerous comedones, especially on the facial region. Skin samples were scraped and punched. Elongate mites were found that were classified as Demodex sp., according to the morphological and histopathological characteristics. The protein, vitamin, and mineral levels contained in the rations were considered to be lower than those recommended to attend the requirements of fattening pigs. Adjustment of the rations was adopted, and the treatment of animals with ivermectin premix (450g/tonne of food) daily orally for a further 7 days was prescribed. The success of treatment was observed 15 days after adoption of these measures, when the beginning of remission of signs was observed. No mites were found on scrapings or biopsy punches after the treatment of the sows.[1]


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