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Herpes simplex virus ICP27 activation of stress kinases JNK and p38.

We previously reported that herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) can activate the stress-activated protein kinases (SAPKs) p38 and JNK. In the present study, we undertook a comprehensive and comparative analysis of the requirements for viral protein synthesis in the activation of JNK and p38. Infection with the UL36 mutant tsB7 or with UV-irradiated virus indicated that both JNK and p38 activation required viral gene expression. Cycloheximide reversal or phosphonoacetic acid treatment of wild-type virus-infected cells as well as infection with the ICP4 mutant vi13 indicated that only the immediate-early class of viral proteins were required for SAPK activation. Infection with ICP4, ICP27, or ICP0 mutant viruses indicated that only ICP27 was necessary. Additionally, we determined that in the context of virus infection ICP27 was sufficient for SAPK activation and activation of the p38 targets Mnk1 and MK2 by infecting with mutants deleted for various combinations of immediate-early proteins. Specifically, the d100 (0-/4-) and d103 (4-/22-/47-) mutants activated p38 and JNK, while the d106 (4-/22-/27-/47-) and d107 (4-/27-) mutants did not. Finally, infections with a series of ICP27 mutants demonstrated that the functional domain of ICP27 required for activation was located in the region encompassing amino acids 20 to 65 near the N terminus of the protein and that the C-terminal transactivation activity of ICP27 was not necessary.[1]


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