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Congenital pseudoclubbing of a fingernail caused by subungual hemangioma.

BACKGROUND: Nail dystrophies in newborns are rare and are particularly frightening when they appear as masses involving a single digit, suggesting the possibility of a tumor. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to report 3 infants with a congenital pseudoclubbing appearance of a digit and with a reddish discoloration caused by the presence of a subungual hemangioma. METHODS: Diagnosis was based on clinical examination and ultrasonography. RESULTS: Clinical presentation and vitrocompression showed the presence of a vascular mass. Ultrasonography confirmed the diagnosis of a subungual hemangioma. The lesions showed a spontaneous regression on follow-up. CONCLUSION: Localization of hemangioma under the proximal nailfold is extremely rare and produces nail pseudoclubbing caused by capillary vessel proliferation in the soft tissue of the subungual region, which is associated with a reddish discoloration of the nail that typically fades with compression. Hemangiomas of infancy located in the proximal nailfold are rare, and, in our opinion, not at risk to become big masses with tissue damage and compression.[1]


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