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Infant, Newborn

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Chemical compound and disease context of Infant, Newborn


Biological context of Infant, Newborn

  • Spleen cells from newborn mice are immunologically nonreactive and do not respond by proliferation upon stimulation with the T cell mitogen concanavalin-A (Con-A ), bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) [25] or with IL-2, but they synthesize a of mRNA for IFNγ after stimulation with IL-2, but do not synthesize IFNγ upon stimulation with Con-A. Since IFNγ is of prime importance for antiviral and fungicidal activities and has complex regulatory functions for the cells of the immune system, we suggest that it could play an important role in the survival of newborns [26].

Anatomical context of Infant, Newborn


Associations of Infant, Newborn with chemical compounds

  • Attenuated glucose production rate in newborn infants of insulin-dependent diabetic mothers [32].
  • When combined treatment is considered, seizure control was achieved in 17 (57 percent) of the neonates assigned to receive phenobarbital first and 18 (62 percent) of those assigned to receive phenytoin first (P=0.67) [13].
  • Pharmacokinetic aspects of theophylline in premature newborns [33].
  • Conversely, the frequency and severity of respiratory-distress syndrome were higher in newborns who had low cord tri-iodothyronine and thyroxine concentration, low free tri-iodothyronine index and high thyrotropin levels [34].
  • We studied the effect of vitamin E on the development of bronchopulmonary dysplasis in neonates with respiratory-distress syndrome [35].

Gene context of Infant, Newborn

  • Alpha-ENaC(-/-) neonates developed respiratory distress and died within 40 h of birth from failure to clear their lungs of liquid [36].
  • The homozygous Fyn-mutant neonates from homozygous Fyn-deficient parents died because of a suckling problem [37].
  • Similarly, the frequency of IL-4, but not of IL-2, producers progressively decreases after emigration to the periphery as judged by direct comparison between thymic and splenic CD4+ cells in newborns, or by following the fate of intrathymically labeled CD4+8- cells in adults after their migration to the spleen [38].
  • By inhibiting iNOS transcription in the fetus and neonate, DHA may contribute to their increased susceptibility to infection [39].
  • Oxygen administration to immature neonates suppresses VEGF-A expression in the retina, resulting in the catastrophic vessel loss that initiates retinopathy of prematurity [40].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Infant, Newborn


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