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Effects of halothane and isoflurane on stimulated airway transepithelial ion transport.

Volatile anesthetics are suggested to elicit depression of airway clearance. The involvement of changes in transepithelial ion transport in this inhibition has already been observed. The Ussing method was used to study the changes in mechanical stimulation evoked electrogenic ion transport in isolated rabbit tracheal wall in the presence of halothane and isoflurane. The drugs dissolved in Ringer solution were directed as a flux from peristaltic pump to mucosal surface of trachea. In experimental settings without or with amiloride, the anestethics elicited reversible inhibition of stimulated ion transport and depolarization of transepithelial potential difference. Participation of chloride ion transport in observed changes is suggested. In the light of this study with application of anesthetics at higher concentrations than clinically relevant, the possibility of disturbances of airway transepithelial ion transport by clinically relevant concentration should be checked.[1]


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