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Ion Transport

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Disease relevance of Ion Transport

  • However, alterations in airway ion transport, which lead to the devastating lung disease in CF patients, appear to be largely absent in the CF mouse models [1].
  • Gene transfer was quantitated by molecular techniques that detected the expression of CFTR messenger RNA and by functional measurements of transepithelial potential differences (PDs) to assess abnormalities of ion transport specific to cystic fibrosis [2].
  • Point mutations in rat adducin alpha (F316Y) and beta (Q529R) subunits are involved in a form of rat primary hypertension (MHS) associated with faster kidney tubular ion transport [3].
  • We conclude that diabetic diarrhea in streptozocin-induced chronically diabetic rats is due to impaired adrenergic regulation of mucosal ion transport, accompanied by a postsynaptic denervation hypersensitivity that can be reversed by clonidine, and accompanied by net intestinal fluid secretion that can be effectively reversed with clonidine [4].
  • Here, we investigate whether EGFR can regulate colonic ion transport in the setting of colitis [5].

Psychiatry related information on Ion Transport


High impact information on Ion Transport

  • The isoform with disrupted beta4-integrin binding (hCLCA1, pCLCA1, mCLCA3) alters epithelial mucus secretion and ion transport processes [10].
  • Although the NKCC has been studied for approximately 20 years, we are only beginning to frame the broad outlines of the structure, function, and regulation of this ubiquitous ion transport mechanism [11].
  • They have clarified how both peptide and steroid hormones, including aldosterone and estrogen, regulate ion transport by distal convoluted tubule cells [12].
  • Some of the CF mouse models accurately reflect the ion-transport abnormalities and disease phenotype seen in human CF patients, especially in gastrointestinal tissue [1].
  • Ion transport mechanisms in thick ascending limb of Henle's loop of mammalian nephron [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ion Transport


Biological context of Ion Transport


Anatomical context of Ion Transport


Associations of Ion Transport with chemical compounds

  • Ouabain-like activity in toad skin and its implications for endogenous regulation of ion transport [27].
  • Location of a delta-subunit region determining ion transport through the acetylcholine receptor channel [28].
  • Previous work with chimaeras between the Torpedo californica and bovine AChR delta-subunits has shown that the region comprising the hydrophobic segment M2 and its vicinity contains an important determinant of the rate of ion transport through the AChR channel [29].
  • Ion transport was successfully demonstrated by imaging Na+-K+ fluxes after the inhibition of Na+- and K+ -dependent adenosine triphosphatase with ouabain [30].
  • The past year has seen a flurry of activity in the area of protein-mediated hexose uniport [31].

Gene context of Ion Transport


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ion Transport


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