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Protein and antigenic variability among Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae strains by SDS-PAGE and immunoblot.

Porcine enzootic pneumonia (PEP), with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae as the primary agent, is a chronic respiratory disease that causes major economic losses to the pig industry worldwide. The aim of this work was to analyse 18 field strains of M. hyopneumoniae isolated in Gran Canaria (Spain) and the reference M. hyopneumoniae strain by SDS-PAGE and immunoblot. A monoclonal antibody (MAb) against the membrane protein p46 reacted with all the strains in this study. In contrast, a purified polyclonal antibody (PAb) against the cytoplasmic protein p36 reacted with this protein in only 10 strains. A MAb against the adhesin protein p97 stained multiple proteins of different sizes and with different intensities. Different antigenic patterns in the same M. hyopneumoniae strains were also observed after different numbers of passages in culture medium. Furthermore, variability in the staining of the 36 kDa protein was observed, depending on whether the p36 PAb or the antiserum against M. hyopneumoniae reference strain was used. It is concluded that local M. hyopneumoniae field isolates in Gran Canaria are characterized by protein diversity.[1]


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