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Effect of condensate formation on long-distance radical cation migration in DNA.

Long-distance radical cation transport was studied in DNA condensates. Linearized pUC19 plasmid was ligated to an oligomer containing a covalently linked anthraquinone group and six regularly spaced GG steps, which serve as traps for the migrating radical cation. Treatment of the linear, ligated plasmid with spermidine results in formation of condensates that were detected by light scattering and observed by transmission electron microscopy. Irradiation of the anthraquinone group in the condensate causes long-distance charge migration, which is detected by reaction at the remote guanines. The efficiency of charge migration in the condensate is significantly less than it is for the corresponding oligomer in solution. This result is attributed to a lower mobility for the migrating radical cation in the condensate, which is caused by inhibited formation of charge-transfer-effective states.[1]


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