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Shared leadership and the evolution of "one great department".

In 2001, Banner Baywood Medical Center's (BBMC) medical imaging department employed concepts to engage staff in a participative decision-making practice regarding those things that most impacted their jobs. A 5-member Oversight Committee was charged with defining a vision for the department to be achieved by 2005, determining obstacles or challenges that needed to be overcome in order to achieve the vision, and facilitating 12-week teams to find solutions to these obstacles. Several initiatives were implemented to ensure competitive salaries, more effective leadership, and overall greater participation by staff in the decision-making process. Within the project's first 18 months, the department's turnover rate was reduced from 40% to 14.5%. However, as the department continued to grow, it became evident that the structure of the Oversight Committee was no longer sufficient to achieve its goals. The members of the Oversight Committee decided to expand its membership to include a representative from every work group within the department. The new group was called the Strategic Thinking Group (STG). Shared leadership--defined by Conger and Pearce as "a dynamic", interactive process among individuals working in groups in which the objective is to lead one another to the achievement of the group goals--is a vital component of the department's operation. During the past 2 years, BBMC has been actively engaged in creating a workplace environment that promotes shared leadership. BBMC utilizes the Gallup Q12 Workplace Survey and the Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. These surveys use identical numerical ratings, with "5" (strongly agree/very good) the department's goal for employees and patients. Consequently, the department created a new slogan: "We Strive for 5." The outcomes of shared leadership have proven to have a positive impact on staff retention, the reduction of casual Iabor staff, employee satisfaction, and patient satisfaction.[1]


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