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Exposure to methyl methacrylate and its subjective symptoms among dental technicians, Tehran, Iran.

Exposure to methyl methacrylate (MMA), total dust and health symptoms were investigated in 20 dental laboratories located in Tehran, Iran. Time-weighted average (TWA) of MMA and peak concentrations were determined, using XAD-2 tubes followed by GC-FID analysis. Total dusts were evaluated gravimetrically. Health symptoms were asked using a questionnaire. TWA for technicians with direct and indirect exposure to MMA were 327.28 +/- 79.42 and 282.9 +/- 41.84 mg/m3, respectively. Peak concentration of MMA for those technicians were 337.0 +/- 36.81 and 328.88 +/- 45.40 mg/m3, respectively. There were no significant differences between TWA of MMA and peak concentration in different weekly workdays; however, within-day variations were observed (P < .05). TWA of MMA and peak concentration correlation with the laboratory volume were 0.61-0.65. Dust exposure of technicians was 2.35 +/- 2.70 mg/m3. Cough and skin dryness were the common health symptoms. Smoking and asbestos exposure history were factors influencing cough prevalence (p < .05). It is concluded that the current Short-Term Exposure Limit (STEL) is not low enough to protect technicians against the adverse effects caused by MMA.[1]


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