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Laboratories, Dental

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  • Experimental. Wedges and molar crowns were hand-waxed and investment cast in commercial purity grade 1 (CP-1) titanium by a commercial dental laboratory [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Except for In-Ceram Alumina, Vitadur Alpha and Zirconia-TZP core ceramics, most of the investigated ceramic materials fabricated under the condition of a dental laboratory were not stronger or more structurally reliable than Vita VMK 68 veneering porcelain [2].
  • OBJECTIVES: To assess the height of occlusal registration blocks made in dental laboratories compared with recommended dimensions [3].
  • Exposure to methyl methacrylate (MMA), total dust and health symptoms were investigated in 20 dental laboratories located in Tehran, Iran. Time-weighted average (TWA) of MMA and peak concentrations were determined, using XAD-2 tubes followed by GC-FID analysis [4].
  • Specimens for mechanical testing were prepared by adding composites powder (PMMA, BPO and HA) to the monomer (MMA and EGDMA) followed by hand mixing as in dental laboratory description usage [5].

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  • Productivity: the key to profitability in a dental laboratory. Part one [11].
  • The CAD/CAM abutment required no further customization in the dental laboratory [12].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 2,069 sintered feldspathic ceramic restorations (Colorlogic) and 1,136 pressure-molded ceramic restorations (IPS Empress 1 and 2) were produced during the study period by one dental laboratory [13].
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement: will it affect the dental laboratory industry [14]?

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