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The complete sequence of a 10.8 kb segment distal of SUF2 on the right arm of chromosome III from Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals seven open reading frames including the RVS161, ADP1 and PGK genes.

We have entirely sequenced a 10,835 bp segment of the right arm from chromosome III contained in the J11D and J11D-K3B GF clones. The segment contains seven open reading frames longer then 100 amino acids. Three of them, RVS161 (Urdaci et al., 1990; Crouzet et al., 1991), ADP1 (Purnelle et al., 1991) and PGK1 (Hitzeman et al., 1982) have been described previously. YCR10C encodes a putative membrane protein. YCR8W ( encoding a putative protein kinase) and YCR14C extend inside the D10H (Skala et al., 1991) and 62B5-2D clones respectively. Four ARS elements previously reported by Palzkill et al. (1986) are located between RVS161 and YCR10C.[1]


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