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Positional regulation of Pax2 expression pattern in mesencephalic and diencephalic alar plate.

Regionalization of the neural tube is a fundamental event in the development of the CNS. The isthmic organizer controls the development of the mesencephalic-rhombencephalic junction by means of fibroblast growth factor 8 ( Fgf8) expression. The transcription factor paired box 2 (Pax2) is expressed early in the midbrain and is later progressively restricted to the mid-hindbrain region, playing an important role in the development of the mesencephalon and the cerebellum. In this study, by implanting Fgf8-beads in the chick neural tube, we show that Fgf8 induces a heterogeneous pattern of Pax2 expression in the diencephalon. To explore the mechanisms controlling this asymmetric induction and the down-regulation of Pax2 in the anterior mesencephalon we performed antero-posterior inversions of diencephalic and/or mesencephalic neuroepithelium, with or without Fgf8-bead implantation. We show that anterior factors do not play a role in Pax2 regionalization, while posterior factors could explain these expression patterns. We conclude that the anterior mesencephalon and the diencephalon are able to retain or activate Pax2 expression under caudal influences, and to develop as a tectal structure at later developmental stages.[1]


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