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The effect of orthodontic retention on the mechanical properties of the periodontal ligament in the rat maxillary first molar.

The load-deformation curves obtained by extraction of the rat maxillary first molar from its socket in the dissected jaw were analyzed so that the effect of orthodontic retention on the mechanical properties of the periodontal ligament could be examined. An elastic band was inserted between the rat maxillary first and second molars for four days, and then the interdental space was filled with resin for four or eight days. The average interdental spaces between the teeth ranged from 315 to 398 microns during the experimental period. The maximum shear load, elastic stiffness, and failure energy in shear decreased markedly following application of an orthodontic force, but they increased gradually and reached control levels on the 8th day after the retention. Maximum shear deformation at maximum load was not significantly different between the experimental and control teeth during the experimental period. It is suggested that, following orthodontic tooth movement, occlusal function was restored after a relatively short retention period, as was the impaired mechanical strength of the periodontal ligament.[1]


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