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Insertional inactivation of the L13a ribosomal protein gene of Drosophila melanogaster identifies a new Minute locus.

We have utilized a transposable P element construct to scan the genome for modifiers of Drosophila Notch pathway phenotypes. From a collection of 2000 inserts we obtained two enhancers and one suppressor. Sequence analysis of the insertion regions demonstrated that two modifiers affect known components of the Notch pathway, whereas the third is an insert in the gene encoding ribosomal protein L13a at cytogenetic region 83B6-7. The insert in the RpL13A coding region creates a classic Minute mutation which enhances Notch pathway wing phenotypes. This report adds RpL13A to the list of Drosophila ribosomal protein genes that cause Minute phenotypes when mutated.[1]


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