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Statistical modelling as an aid to the design of retail sampling plans for mycotoxins in food.

A study has been carried out to assess appropriate statistical models for use in evaluating retail sampling plans for the determination of mycotoxins in food. A compound gamma model was found to be a suitable fit. A simulation model based on the compound gamma model was used to produce operating characteristic curves for a range of parameters relevant to retail sampling. The model was also used to estimate the minimum number of increments necessary to minimize the overall measurement uncertainty. Simulation results showed that measurements based on retail samples (for which the maximum number of increments is constrained by cost) may produce fit-for-purpose results for the measurement of ochratoxin A in dried fruit, but are unlikely to do so for the measurement of aflatoxin B1 in pistachio nuts. In order to produce a more accurate simulation, further work is required to determine the degree of heterogeneity associated with batches of food products. With appropriate parameterization in terms of physical and biological characteristics, the systems developed in this study could be applied to other analyte/matrix combinations.[1]


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