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Identification of a B-1 B cell-specified progenitor.

The B-1 subpopulation of B lymphocytes differs phenotypically and functionally from conventional B-2 B cells. B-1 B cells are proposed to derive from a distinct progenitor, but such a population has not been isolated. Here we identify and characterize a B-1 B cell progenitor whose numbers peaked in fetal bone marrow but were less abundant in postnatal bone marrow. These Lin(-)CD45R(lo-neg)CD19(+) cells responded to thymic stromal lymphopoietin and 'preferentially' reconstituted functional sIgM(hi)CD11b(+)CD5(lo-neg) B-1 B cells, but not sIgM(+)CD11b(-) B-2 B cells, in vivo. These data indicate that the CD45R(lo-neg)CD19(+) population includes B-1 B cell-specified progenitors and support models proposing distinct developmental pathways for B-1 B cells.[1]


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