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Influence of synthetic routes on the conformational order and mobility of C18 and C30 stationary phases.

Silica gels modified with n-alkyl chains (n = 18, 30) are prepared by two different synthetic routes and are examined by variable temperature FTIR and solid-state NMR spectroscopy. HPLC measurements of SRM 869, cis/trans ss-carotene isomers and xanthophylls isomers confirm the dependence of the separation mechanism on the alkyl chain length and the synthetic routes. The determination of the silane functionality and degree of cross-linking of silane ligands on the silica surface is achieved by 29Si CP/ MAS NMR measurements. The structural order and mobility of the alkyl chains are investigated by means of variable temperature 13C CP/ MAS NMR measurements. Variable temperature FTIR studies are performed where conformational order and flexibility of the alkyl chains in C18 and C30 phases are monitored through conformational sensitive CH2 symmetric, anti-symmetric stretching and wagging modes. In addition, the chromatographic properties of the C18 and C30 phases are determined. The results derived from the FTIR, NMR and HPLC measurements are discussed in the context of the applied synthetic routes and alkyl chain lengths.[1]


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