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Amination of n-hexanol in supercritical water.

The amination of 1-n-hexanol followed by amidation was carried out in supercritical water at 380, 400, and 420 degrees C and water densities of 0.1, 0.3, and 0.5 g/cm3. The replacement of the hydroxyl group with the amino group was found to occur in 1-n-hexanol using ammonium acetate in supercritical water without the addition of a metal or an acid catalyst. The yield of the final product, N-n-hexylacetamide, increased by increasing the reaction temperature, water density, and the amount of ammonium acetate. The yield and the selectivity of N-n-hexylacetamide were 78.5% and 87.5%, respectively, in supercritical water at 400 degrees C, 0.5 g/cm3, for 10 min.[1]


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