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Effect of fenoterol (Th1165a) infusion on uterine and umbilical blood flow in pregnant sheep.

The effect of fenoterol (Th1165a) upon uterine artery blood flow (UtBF) and umbilical vein blood flow (UmBF) was investigated in near-term, nonlaboring chronic sheep preparations. During intravenous fenoterol infusions to the ewe in either incremental doses from 0.025 to 0.200 microng per kilogram per minute or constant infusions of 0.025 microng per kilogram per minute for 120 minutes. UtBF and UmBF did not change significantly. Dose-related maternal tachycardia, hyperglycemia, and relative acidemia occurred, but there were no significant changes in mean maternal and fetal arterial pressures or fetal heart rate. The simultaneous infusion of propranolol (2 microng per kilogram per minute) with fenoterol (0.200 microng per kilogram per minute) blocked the maternal tachycardia but resulted in a significant decrease in UmBF and a significant increase in UtBF. In all of the maternal infusions. UtBF significantly rose and plateaued up to 14 per cent above the control level during the 120 minute recovery period after infusion. A non-beta-adrenergic effect of fenoterol is suggested as the cause of this UtBF increase.[1]


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