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Fetal Heart

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Disease relevance of Fetal Heart


High impact information on Fetal Heart

  • Direct cocaine administration to the fetus produced smaller increases in fetal heart rate and blood pressure than those observed following maternal cocaine injection, and no significant changes in fetal arterial blood gas values [6].
  • Testing rates for 24-hour urinary estriol levels (EST), diagnostic ultrasound, and antepartum fetal heart rate testing (AFHRT) were examined in 8,527 deliveries from 1975 through 1978 [7].
  • In contrast, cyclin A mRNA was undetectable in adult hearts whereas cyclin A mRNA and protein were readily detectable in fetal hearts and cardiomyocytes, respectively [8].
  • Cyclin B mRNA was detectable in adult hearts, although at a level markedly lower than that in fetal hearts [8].
  • Responsiveness to glucagon in fetal hearts. Species variability and apparent disparities between changes in beating, adenylate cyclase activation, and cyclic AMP concentration [9].

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